A Rarity in NECRONOMIDOL’s Catalog

You know what I love? I love a good story. The story I am about to tell you could probably be filed in the good drawer. Of course it all depends on your interest in NECRONOMIDOL and various things that they get up to. This particular story has to do with a CD release I had no idea even existed.

The other day I was clicking around the internet, as you do, when I came across a very interesting photo. For the sake of getting your attention and possibly even holding it, here is that photo.

Cthulhu Shoujyo Sentai

First thing that strikes you is the awesome artwork, then you see the logo in the upper right corner. The first style logo for NECRONOMIDOL. At this point my interest was piqued, being a big fan of the group and a rabid CD collector. So I started doing a bit of digging. So where is the logical place to start? With the title of course.

クトゥルフ少女戦隊 テーマソング

This translates as: Cthulhu Shoujyo Sentai theme song

Well, that is very interesting. It certainly sounds like something that NECRONOMIDOL would title a CD but the “theme song” part is what really got me. What did it mean by theme song. Theme song to what? Pop that CD title into the old Google search and what comes up? The web site to “The Cthulhu Mythos Files“. One of the first things that hits your eye is this.


The exact same art as the CD. From the poorly machine translated text I got from the web site it seems the story in the books is a mixture of Cthulhu mythos and science fiction. Some sort of story about 4 genetically modified girls fighting against the forces of Cthulhu or some such. Anyway, the details are not what is important, what is important is the connection between these books and NECRONOMIDOL.

To get the whole story I had to reach out to Ricky Wilson, the producer of NECONOMIDOL. What he told me was interesting to say the least.

NECRONOMIDOL was contacted by the books publisher about doing the vocals for the theme song. The music had already been completed and the lyrics had been written by the books author, Yamada Masaki. What was settled on was that NECRONOMIDOL would record the song with its original lyrics for this one-off limited CD. The group would then be allowed to use the music with their own new lyrics to perform at shows.

Here is the theme to “Cthulhu Shoujyo Sentai” with vocals by Hatsune Miku.

Here is NECRONOMIDOL at the CD event singing the theme song.

The show was on January 24th, 2015 at 新宿PAPERA. Ricky recalled it was the only time that they ever performed the song with the original lyrics. I am sure that most of you that are fans of the group already know the song that came from this, Ankoku Shoujyo Sentai off the ETRANGER single. This was also the first time that the group worked with Kouta, who also wrote the music for TAMAM SHUD off the from chaos born mini-album. He also wrote the music for “Shiny Future” that Rei performs when she is doing her solo shows.

If you are going to start looking for a copy to buy, first off you are going to be going against me for certain. Second, Ricky told me he remembers that about 30 copies were produced. Good luck to all of us.

I thought it was a pretty interesting story, so I had to share it. I am pretty much a sucker for stories about anything I am interested in.

My heartfelt thanks to Ricky for all the help.