History of Logos

Necro Logo 1

The first logo was introduced on February 4th 2014. It was created by Ali Grant


Necro Logo 2

The second logo was introduced on July 11th 2015


Necro Logo 3

The third logo was introduced on January 5th 2017 at the《A New Dark Age Dawns》live.


Necro Logo 4


The fourth logo was introduced on February 15th 2019. It was created by Ali Grant.


Other Logos

First logo to represent the group on the original site was the skull with no eyes. Ricky Wilson designed this on January 22nd 2014. It is still being used today.

22 jan 2014skull2








Another early logo is the straw man. It did not last long but did appear in the Vulture MV and some early merchandise. Ricky Wilson designed it on January 23rd 2014.

23 Jan 2014BpS7RexCEAAz3Co








The Elder Sign logo has also been used from very early on. The earliest use I could find was on the sticker shown above on June 2nd 2014, and alone on a button which was unveiled on June 18th 2014. These would both be sold at the first show on June 30th 2014.