Members That Almost Were

A lot of you may not be aware of this but before I got into idols I was very much into history (I still am). I was very passionate about research and finding the little stories behind the stories. I have now started to apply the skills I have acquired to my interest in idol music. I guess what we have here is more of an almost story. The “almost” members of NECRONOMIDOL.

Those of us that follow NECRONOMIDOL all know that the original line-up of the group was: Sari, Kakizaki Risaki, Tachibana Ruu and Setsuko Henmi. This is set in stone, historical, but this was almost not the case.

First a bit of what might be called NECRONOMIDOL pre-history. While working on another project I was digging into the past of the group and found the very beginnings. Back in January of 2014 Ricky Wilson set out to form an idol group based on the occult and the paranormal. He started to pen some songs and opened up a website to get the ball rolling. After about a month he designed a recruitment postcard and took out an ad in TRASH-UP! magazine.

On the 17th of February he started the recruiting process at will. By the 14th of March he had about 30 applicants and started doing interviews. By the 19th of March the selections had been made. The total number of girls in the group would be seven, with an eighth added shortly after. These group members included the well known original four, and four others. For all intents and purposes the history of NECRONOMIDOL as an idol group starts on March 19th, 2014.

Information on these other four is a bit hard to come by, so I did my best to bring you all of the information I could find. From what I have gathered their names were: Kaede, Nagata Kagura, Miyano Aisa, and Maeda Rio, I had Ricky verify this information. Each of these girls has an extremely short history with the group. Some might even say they were not actually members at all. I say otherwise. They went through the interview process, were selected to be in the group, I think that counts.

The first meeting of the group was on March 23rd and all members were present. At this time they were (I believe) all measured were for costumes which were ordered two days later.

first meeting

Now, this next item is a bit tricky. The information that I originally found said that the first practice was held on March 28th. In a back and forth with Ricky he told me that two of the girls left before the first rehearsal (practice). At this point all eight members were still active so I now believe that this “practice” was probably just a second meeting.

Just one week later, on April 4th, was the first photo shoot. Group and individual shots were taken.

The next day was the first cheki shoot. Now this I find interesting because cheki were taken of all eight members…… I wonder if there are any floating around out there of these four girls that didn’t quite make it.

Just a short three days later two members departed due to family and schooling reasons. Those members were Kaede and Nagata Kagura. NECRONOMIDOL was now down to six members. After that there are a couple practices and member information is added to the website. On the 19th of April Miyano Aisa left due to idol solo activities as well as offers from other idol units. The next day the song VULTURE is announced and planning for the MV begins.

On the 5th of May Maeda Rio leaves the group due to poor physical condition, just a mere 10 days before NECRONOMIDOL appeared in TRASH-UP! magazine and only eighteen days before the groups first recording session.

And so, on the 6th of May, we were then left with the beginnings of NECRONOMIDOL as you have always been told. The four original members of the group that would become a favorite with underground idol fans around the world.

first recording session