Music: つきしま (Al-Kamar)
Guitar: つきしま (Al-Kamar) credited on NEMESIS
Bass: ねりお credited on NEMESIS
Drums: ユージ・レルレ・カワグチ (#STDRUMS) credited on NEMESIS

The inspiration for this song is Nayenezgani, one of the most important figures in Navajo mythology, along with his twin brother Tobadzischini. The name Nayenezgani means “Slayer of Alien Gods”.

There was an MV for this song released on February 1st 2106.




  • Original version of the song with vocals by Henmi Setsuko, Tachibana Ruu, Sari and Kakizaki Risaki.

NEMESIS (1:47)

  • New music and new lyrics (all but the chorus) with vocals by Sari, Kakizaki Risaki, Tsukumo Hotaru, Yotsuyu Hina and Kusaka Karen.