Music: Kei Toriki

This song has no particular horror, supernatural or Lovecraftian influence to its lyrical content.


scions of the blasted heath (6:23)

  • Original version of the music with vocals by Kakizaki Risaki, Imaizumi Rei, Tsukishiro Himari, Kenbishi Kunogi and Michelle.

vämjelseriter (6:23)

  • Remixed original music with vocals by Tsukishiro Himari, Kamino Nana, Rukawa Shiki and Toda Roa.

English Lyrics
Courtesy of NECRONOMIDOL / Ricky Wilson

Behold, the end is nigh
A beautiful denouement

Raise your eyes to the dusk
Black stars shine

Burning so brightly
The sun sets on my desolation
Words pent up, never to be uttered

Sing of two rent asunder
Your smile with me always

To your knees; the terminus of grace
All that we love burned to ash
Falling slowly down

In the palm of my hand
Grasping tightly to our dreams

Avert not your eyes
As the End comes to pass

In the palm of my hand
Our dreams ground underfoot

Enveloped in flames
This piteous atonement

In the palm of my hand
Our dreams, my only refuge

Avert not your eyes
It will all be over soon

In the palm of my hand
Carrying our dreams

Enveloped in flames
All for you