Music: Kei Toriki
Guitar: Kei Toriki
Bass: 小林樹音 (JitteryJackal)
Drums: ユージ・レルレ・カワグチ (#STDRUMS)

This song has no particular horror, supernatural or Lovecraftian influence to its lyrical content.



  • Original version of the music with vocals by Sari, Kakizaki Risaki, Yotsuyu Hina, Imaizumi Rei and Tsukishiro Himari.


English Lyrics
Courtesy of NECRONOMIDOL / Ricky Wilson

Path of salvation
This world adrift, guided by my hand

White Love
Our shining truth, consecrated unto thee

Divine Will unwavering, Our Fate
To cleanse this nest of vipers

The firmament a chorus of screams
Reverberating through my core

To the future Beloved husk
Summer’s end

To the future Our husks
This brave new world

Smiling faces I once saved

Hand outstretched
The husk shatters

Divine Will unwavering, Our Doom
The die has been cast

Unbind the 7th Seal
For our world to come
With faith in the Light, Onward

To the future Our beloved husk
Summer come to its end

To the future To the future
Our husks At the End

To the future
This was for the best…
Tomorrow will shine brightly