Lyrics: VELOCITRON (遺骨猛吹雪 (2014) single), NECRONOMIDOL (NEMESIS and 遺骨猛吹雪 (2018) single)
Music: Dan Terminus

VULTURE is the first song to have the music commissioned and second to have lyrics written.

This song has no particular horror, supernatural or Lovecraftian influence to its lyrical content.

There was an MV released for this song on June 30th, 2014 (recorded May 31st, 2014) but has since been removed. I asked Ricky about this and he said “Took down the video for VULTURE because it just didn’t come out that well. The members didn’t look great and it had an overall super cheap vibe.”



遺骨猛吹雪 (2014) single (4:34)

  • This version contains the original music by Dan Terminus with vocals by Henmi Setsuko, Tachibana Ruu, Sari and Kakizaki Risaki.

NEMESIS version (4:35)

  • This version contains a reworked musical track and new vocals by Sari, Kakizaki Risaki, Tsukumo Hotaru, Yotsuyu Hina and Kusaka Karen.

遺骨猛吹雪 (2018) single (4:36)

  • This version appears to use a remix of the NEMESIS version music. Vocals by Sari, Kakizaki Risaki, Yotsuyu Hina, Imaizumi Rei and Tsukishiro Himari.