NECRONOMIDOL’s Stage Outfits: A History

As with all groups image is a big part of the package. NECRONOMIDOL certainly has changed quite a bit over the past five years. Here is a short history of the groups outfits.

The original costumes were ordered on March 25th 2014 for the original 8 members.


The outfits were in use until the introduction, on January 11th 2015, of the new look that would be used for the longest duration with only slight changes. From the time of the ETRANGER single through the time of the NEMESIS album.


At some point in October of 2016 the costuming was changed to a look that gave each girl more of a personality of there own. This would look would only last a short time.


On January 5th 2017 the costumes were changed again for the upcoming release of DEATHLESS and on through the release of DAWNSLAYER.


The outfits for the upcoming release of STRANGE AEONS were revealed in a sneak peek on Twitter by Kakizaki Risaki on October 2nd 2017 and were used through the time of the release of VOIDHYMN.


On January 13th, 2019 with the beginning of the current lineup came another change in costume for the group. However this would be a short lived look.


On the 1st of May, 2019 the group unveiled another look at their one-man performance. This new look was designed by one of the newest members, Michelle.