Some Progress

I have added all known official releases by the group. I have also added basic information to each entry. I am still working on the layout a bit but the basics are there. I hope to add more details to each entry in the future.

Remember, if you think you have something to contribute just send me a direct message on Twitter. Every bit of information can only make the website better.

The Journey Begins

First, I would like to thank Ricky Wilson and all the members, past and present, including staff for all the great music. You have my eternal support.

Now, come join me as I document the past, present and future of NECRONOMIDOL, the ultra-dark themed idol unit from Tokyo, Japan.

This is a huge undertaking and I am but one person so it may take me a while to get everything sorted out and all the pieces in their correct places so please bear with me. I have a pretty good backbone down in documents but I still have to get those transferred over and to my liking.

I will be getting a contact page set up soon. Right now you can contact me through my Twitter: by direct message for any items or bits of information that you think I may be interested in concerning the group.