Song Information Being Added

It has been a while since there was a big update to the site, so I am happy to say one is happening. I am adding some further information to individual songs as relayed to me by Ricky. He has given me some basic information on inspiration and left me to fill in the blanks (detail wise).

Ricky told me that he feels in depth insights about song inspirations may ruin the enjoyment and that individuals should come to their own conclusions while experiencing the songs. Hence only basics about the songs. I have taken the liberty of providing a bit of background on some songs if based on stories of legends, that way you can go read the actual stories for yourself. I know I have gotten even more enjoyment myself from reading the stories that certain songs are based on.

There are a few songs with no express inspiration and are noted as such. These songs have been given no further explanation or detail as to their content.

At this point I have done songs up to the NEMESIS release, but more will be on the way soon.

The first 14 entries on this list have been completed.


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