All Song Information Added

I have finished adding information about the inspirations for all NECRONOMIDOL songs. Any songs not directly inspired by something will be noted that way. If a song was inspired by a story I have named it but have not given a description of the story. If based on a mythology a short description is given. If based on a real life event I have covered it more in depth.

My reasoning for not giving story descriptions is that I would like you to go read the stories yourself. I find that it gives greater enjoyment of the songs that way.

As for lyrics on any songs from NEMESIS and earlier, I do not have official English lyrics so I will not be putting any up, at least until I am able to get them.

The information can be found in individual song pages. You can get to them two ways.

Release section:

First performance list:

The first performance list does not include the festival or LAMENT CONFIGURATION. You will have to get to those songs via the release section.

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